Scott 5856 Compact Hand Towel


Size: 29.5cm x 19cm

Quantity: Carton

Carton Quantity: 16 packets

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Elevate your washroom experience with trusted and familiar SCOTT® Washroom solutions, designed to support compliance and control.SCOTT® Compact Hand Towels are designed with smaller washrooms in mind. These white paper towels, and their corresponding dispensers, are ideal for tight spaces where traditional hand towel dispensers cannot fit. These high capacity folded paper hand towels are quick and easy to refill, minimising maintenance time and the risk of run outs. Dispensing one paper towel at a time minimises contamination for a more hygienic experience whilst also reducing waste and cost. SCOTT® Compact Hand Towels provide great value without compromising on quality.Each SCOTT® Folded Hand tTowel is manufactured with the unique AIRFLEX® Technology, ensuring high quality absorbency, reliable strength and an efficient hand drying performance with every use. FSC® Certified and Environmental Choice New Zealand certified, SCOTT® Disposable Paper Hand Towels are an environmentally friendly addition to your washroom. The white paper towels are also MPI New Zealand certified for food safety reassurance.Each case contains 16 packs and each pack contains 110 white paper towels. Individual sheet size: 29.5cm x 19cm.These SCOTT® Paper Hand Towel refills are compatible with AQUARIUS® Compact Towel Dispensers in white (70240) and black (70007) and KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL® Compact Hand Towel dispenser in white and grey (4969) and stainless steel (4970).SCOTT® Compact Hand Towels by KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL® form part of a wider range of washroom products designed to create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

  • One case of SCOTT® Compact Hand Towels contains 16 packs; each pack contains 110 white paper towels
  • Each SCOTT® Hand Towel is manufactured using AIRFLEX® Technology offering high quality absorbency, reducing hand towel use and creating less waste
  • Only one folded hand towel is dispensed at a time, minimising contamination and waste and elevating washroom hygiene
  • Compatible with a range of KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL® Compact Towel Dispensers, SCOTT® Compact Hand Towels are ideal for washrooms where space is limited.
  • 110 sheets per packet.

Sold by the carton. 16 packets per carton.

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