Lab Coat with PP- White


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A disposable PP lab coat is a protective garment made from polypropylene material. It is commonly used in healthcare, laboratory, and manufacturing industries to protect against spills, chemicals, and other hazards. The lab coat is designed to be worn over regular clothing and provides an additional layer of protection to prevent the spread of contaminants. It features a Velcro closure at the front and elastic cuffs to ensure a secure fit. Disposable PP lab coats are available in various sizes and colours, with white being the most common in healthcare settings. They are affordable and can be easily disposed of after use, making them a practical choice for many professionals.

  • Made from lightweight, breathable, and durable polypropylene material.
  • Used in healthcare, laboratory, and manufacturing industries for protection against hazards.
  • Worn over regular clothing to prevent the spread of contaminants.
  • Features snap or button closures and elastic cuffs for a secure fit.
  • Available in different sizes and colours, commonly in white for healthcare settings. Affordable and easily disposable after use.
  • No Pockets

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